Good, and Bad news.


 Good and Bad news folks. 

As many of you may know I was planning a trip to France to attend the de ChaudesAigues tattoo convention this July. Unfortuneatly IM unable to attend due to another obligation. IM terribly sorry for the inconvienece that anyone has suffered due to my inability to attend. I was bombarded with many inquiries to tattoo folks. And IM very sad that I'll be unable to make that happen. Also this would have been my wife's and I first trip to France. So trust me, no one is more upset than I.

 Thats the Bad news. The good news is that Oxygen has announced that they will be shooting the third season of Best Ink this July. So IM once again off to Hollywood. All you pricks out there hating on my attitude, Hair, and general appearance, & attitude. Get ready, with your negative tweets, and general bad attitudes. Cause its on again. 

 Everyone else who digs on the show. Well get ready to bring in the next Cast of young talented tattooers. This season is gearing up to be even more exciting than last! 

See ya when I see ya...

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