VaVaVa VooDoo Releas!

OK folks, "Some Assembly Required" is literally around the corner. So heres how IM handling the release of this batch of hand painted "VaVaVa VooDoo" gals. There are 13 in total, 5 color variants, with 3 in each of the colors, except for a special 13th gal. She is a single, special stand alone which I will be raffling off the night of the event. But heres the deal. You have to be present to be in, and win this Free raffle. We'll be holding the raffle at around 9:30-10pm. As for the other VooDoo gals. I'll be selling them for $200. each, the evening of the event. They will than go up online after 11pm that evening and sell for $275. + shipping. This is a the first batch of these hand painted beauties. There will be more, but at the moment do to time, and scheduling restrictions, I can't say when they will be available. But keep an eye out for more info. See ya Saturday April 12th 7pm. sharp!

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