"Comfy Pillows"

Latest Piece I've worked on is titled "Comfy Pillows". Like the latest paintings I decided to work on the "ArtAgain" paper from Strathmore. A base of Copic, and Pantone alcohol markers, PrismaColor pencils, and than touch ups, with my Iwata HP-A airbrush, and acrylic paints. Heres the initial sketch. Followed by the finished marker works. At this point she lacks a bit of detail, and any real depth. By working up the details, and depth with Colored Pencils, I have to rely less on my skills as an airbrush artist, and can create a certain amount of texture, difficult for me to attain with just the airbrush. From this point out its all Airbrush, and acrylic paint brush for both final details, and smoothing out shadows. I dig using the airbrush in this manner. More of a touch up tool, and not as a final process tool.

She measures about 12x18" At this final stage I still need to scan her, and apply a final spray varnish.

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