Machine Gal, Practice piece.

So in an attempt to try something different and fun. I've decided to take a step backwards, and work in a medium i've not worked with in some time. So I broke out my Pantone, Copic Markers, and PrismaColored Pencils. Took an old image reworked it, than trasnfered her to some Strathmore ArtAgain Paper 60lb. I really like the tinted background, and while the laler is only 60lb, it hold the ink, and a fair amount of paint when working on it. After making the light table transfer (another reason I like to work on the paper), I started going at the piece with markers. Now I know theirs a huge debate (if your into the marker thing), about which Alcohol marker is the best. I like my Copics, but really dig my Pantone markers. Same style, with a tri nib. Chisel, regular, and than a fine tip. They also seem to last longer, as all my Pantones are at least 3-4 years older than my Copics, and all still usable. While a lot of my Copics are not. Regardless, use what ya have of like. I don't think it makes that big a difference. After working up my markers, I than add the details with my PrismaColor pencils. Really miss these lil buggers. Very fun. Fair amount of detail, and texture when you want it. After this point, IM ready to take it to the studio, and work on her with a bit of airbrush. I feel that maybe this is what a lot of illustrators expect, and use the airbrush for. Honestly after 30 years of working with the tool. I still feel a bit stumped working with it. Not an easy tool to master. Ask any one who's ever worked with them. Honestly I wasn't planning on hitting her with the airbrush until after speaking with mr Jime Litwalk. Who upon seeing the (what I thought) was the final piece, was less than impressed. After softening edges, smoothing, and darkening shadows, I was really happy with the end results. I've been working on the next piece that this was the experiment for. A poster for a friend hosting a convention in France. Today I'll be working on the airbrush portion, and will be posting photos in this blog shortly. So keep an eye peeled.

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