Hotel Studio

So as many of ya know I find my self out here in Hollywood filming the second season of Best ink for Oxygen (the TV network, not the need to breath). But being stranded in LA, stuck in a hotel does not preclude me from my other responsibilities. Such as art projects that I committed to before leaving the states for Australia last Month. That being said. Upon my arrival in Ca, I went out to see Franco Vescovi of Vatican Tattoo in Lake Forest CA. They will be hosting there grand reopening party this January, and will be having an art show to help kick it off proper. Franco had wooden crosses made up, and has handed them out to many artists. IM fortunate enough to have gotten one. Make a long story short. IM here in LA, stuck in a Hotel room, with limited resources, and materials. but still managed to put a piece of art work together for him, and the show. As you know my preferred medium is the Airbrush, and acrylics. No such luck finding that here at the Sheraton where IM staying. So I made off to the local art supply store, and bought me some pencils, brushes, and acrylic paints. After a second visit to friend Greg Simkins, and a care package of brushes, and Acrylic medium, from him. I was set to start. I worked a bit thin on this piece mainly because of poor lighting, and just being unsure of what I wanted my end result to be. but after a few days, and hours of work, here she is. At the moment IM just calling it "Untitled, Blood Puddin Cross". All in all, im pretty happy with the end result. Hope ya dig her. And if you find yourself in Lake Forest CA this January. Try and hit up Franco's Vatican tattoo. Guaranteed to be a great time, with good folks, and killer art.

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