Pirate, and Parot hand

Been awhile since my last update here on the site. Been tough to find the time to sit and write a bit of something. Even tougher to find time to do any other art beyond tattooing daily. So im posting my last sketch, and the final tattoo completed. 


Like most tattoo sketches I try to draw at least 2 images for folks. I will admit that this is getting harder and harder to do. As time to draw becomes more restricted. But I was able to knock out 2 for this piece. The client is a tattooist from PA, and was looking for a pirate gal on his hand. He wanted as much detail, and images as possible. But being as how it was a hand, there really is only so much that can be put in. I liked the idea of a parrot in the piece. I mean Hell, whats a pirate with out its Parrot Mascot. 

All in all a lot of fun on this one. 

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