Been a while.

Well, It seems that i've had some time alone, since my wife flew out to OR. To get tattooed by mister Jeff Gogue. And I've determined to try and make the best of it all. I've managed to finish one image, and start a second (for my project, soon to be announced), while at Hope. And I've been spending my evenings at home, working in a medium that I've not used in quite sometime. As some may know, I'll be headed to Portsmouth England to check out the Tattoo Extravaganza there. April 14th, & 15th. I was asked by Reno (Months ago), to come up with an image that perhaps they could use as a t-shirt design. Well me being me, put it off till just the other night. Being as how my Painting schedule has ben booked up with projects. I figured I'd give my old friends Copic, and Prisma Color, a try again. Wow what a change it is. IM working with a base of Copic alcohol markers, and than tightening it up with PrismaColor pencils. This is so different from painting with an airbrush, that I almost scraped the damn thing hours in! But IM determined to make this happen. As it turns out, IM also gonna do a bit of airbrush on top, so as to smooth out some of the pencil work, and give it more of a finished appeal. Stay tuned for more on this, as she needs to be finished quite soon.

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