Well, What can I say? I've been less than on top of things when it comes to my painting. As a matter of fact, I've not touched anything but a pencil, and pen in like,,, weeks, perhaps months. The last painting done by me was the Gal riding the ink Bottle for Andy inn Germany. Bummer, I know. I so wanna get back to painting, but again inspiration has been playing tricks on yours truly, and between tattooing, Getting ready for this European trip (I leave monday the 3rd), and Stress over the new shop (which should be open bout a week after I leave). The last thing I've wanted to do is paint. Thats not to say that I've not been busy doing some art. Nope, I've been hammering away in my sketch book, so what I've decided to stay on top of this here Blog, IM gonna post a couple of them there sketches, just to feel a little productive in the real world.

So here ya go, this should be the first piece I do when I hit the UK, I'll be at Lal Hardys New Wave tattoo for a couple of days before I hit The Tattoo Jam.
Still gonna make a couple of adjustments (such as the claw like hand, and what not). But ya get the Jist

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