Too cool, and Fantastic.

 So here I sit, and I must say I have really been wanting to write again for a while. So here we have it. 

 First last week my wife and I Hit the Last Rites Gallery opening of the Southern Show. I'd first seen this fella's work (Brian Viveros) last year at a Last Rites group show, and really dug it. So to say I was a bit excited by  getting the opportunity to check out a large body of his work is a bit of an understatement. So that so with that having been said, check it out.
 I came away from the show very excited, and really inspired. 
  Than days later In the mail arrives my DVD copy of Daniel Santos's "book cover illustrations, with Daniel Santos"
If you've not heard of it, well than now you have, and if you have, well than go get your copy. Its like 2 disks, chock full of incredible info on drawing, painting, and professionalism, when dealing with your clients/editors. As a tattooist, who doesn't paint in oils (yet), I found the DVD both interesting, and helpful, on many levels. 
 Check out this fella's web site at A truly phenomenal artist, and person. 
 Which brings me to my next bit of bloggin. My next painting. IM gonna go in a different direction (not too different, now). Like I said between the show last week, and this DVD, IM hoping to take this painting to a slightly higher level for me. Keep an eye out for what comes next. IM hoping for at least a bit of a change from my norm. But we all know what they say about old dogs, and new tricks.  

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