Some Blood Pudn' for ya!

Ok Did a wee bit of Painting the last day, and a half. And by "wee bit", I mean Wee. This lil' lady was done For the 5x7 show going on out in CA. IM one of 57 artists, and yes the artwork measures 5"x7".

She's acrylic on arches paper. This scrap of paper (like I said 5"x7") was kicking round the studio, and I was trying to find a piece of board, that wouldn't be a pain in the ass to cut (the board I use is two ply, so therefore thick, and a bitch to cut). When I stumbled on this piece (from a former project), and walla, Out come "My Lil' Blood Pudn".
By the way if you already didn't know "Blood Pudn" is a phrase I've coined for myself. It basically refers to the darker, more "Horror" style pinups I've been doing. Kinda the way "Cheesecake", refers to Girlie pin up art.
Also Keep an eye out for a lil' project that Jime' Litwalk, and I got cooking up (Literally). Coming this Spring (hopefully).

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