Ok Not what it's supposed ta be, but...

OK I know its not what I said I was gonna finish. My last painting post being the Vamp painting I started, what seems like 4 weeks ago, or so. Man time flies.

While I do intend to finish the Female vamp, I had other obligations. Such as this lil lady that I started the sketch for like 3 weeks ago, and am Just getting to painting.
So here she is at the present. Like I said, IM on a deadline, so you'll be seeing more picts as the week proceeds.
In other news, work on the new Hope proceeds, and were expecting a framing, and electrical inspection tomorrow. So with any luck we'll have Drywall up sometime this week , so stay tuned for new picts. Things are starting to come together. Hopefully the crack in my head does so as well.
See ya

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