New York, Pre New Years, Not for me

Well Against better judgment, and other peoples advice I braved the highways, interstates, and streets of CT, and NY, to do a little holiday visiting with my wife, her sister, and Her friend, from Atlanta. Like any good ex/New Yorker, I know that going to the big city the day before New Years, Hell any time in the month of December/Jauary is complete madness! But I tried and I failed, miserably I might add.
Under normal circumstances I'd have no problems dealing with the traffic in Manhattan, but yesterday, I just wasn't feeling it, and had a near meltdown. I must admit defeat. But Have no fear, and watch yer ass "Big Apple", in the Imortal words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, "I'll be back". Yup I'll hit the streets of the big city again in the near future, and make the cabbies of NY, fear me!

Hah, but all was not a total wasted trip, and all was not a blow out (or me at least), We did hit the Audrey Kawasaki exibit at the Jonathan Levine Gallery

After a very inspiring visit to the gallery (and if you haven't seen it do so), we hit a cute little place for lunch called the "kitchen club" on like Mott, and Spring (I think). Small but nice, probably the last pictures of me taken that day, where I actually had a smile on my face. But alas, all things are not meant to last. And If you know me, you know a smile stands a Snow Balls Chance in Hell to be long lasting.

Well thats all for now, I know I was only gonna be posting my blog on my personal website but I felt that in order to wish everyone a proper Happy, Safe, prosperous New Year! All the best

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