A lot of Half Done's

 And some not even that far along. Thats how I've been feeling lately. You ever get the feeling that your just not getting anything accomplished? Thats kinda how I've been feeling as of late. 

  I just came from the new Location for Hope Gallery, and building is coming along there, Slowly, but getting there. She's really starting to take shape, and so is my anxiety! Seeing this place coming round, is really starting to freak me out. 

Than there's the "Art". Been busy at the shop since getting home, and haven't really felt up to Painting, or drawing when I get home. A symptom I need to remedy ASAP! IM so missing this in my life. I know its only been a couple of weeks since I really had a good amount of time in front of my easle, But IM soooo needing some quality Art Time. Hopefully today, keep an eye peeled for a new post on this lil Lady, I started days ago. Not much time in yet, but soon....

On the bright side, I did get up to Pulse The other day, and we packaged up 36 "BRICKHOUSE" Machines. Check out Brett's Post on his Blog for more on this, and some great snap shots of the day 

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