A Lil Lady Luck Action

Well Last appointment before a 3 day Hiatus from tattooing to celebrate the holidays. And heres what I had lined up. Feller drove up from Philly. I'd tattooed him years ago, right after we opened at the new location. and I was able to snap a photo of the old tattoo. I was pretty excited bout getting back into working on his leg again. But as it turns out he'd had work done by Jime Litwalk, recently, and What I'd drawn wouldn't work in the space left over. As some of ya's may know, I still like to do a handful of drawings for my clients. It makes there decision making a bit harder. But it gives me a couple of options as well when it comes to actually tattooing. But Even though I had two images, neither would work in the space. Just one more reason why communication is important with ones client. But as it turns out his other leg was free, and he really liked this piece. Turns out so did I, and it fit the back of his other calf, Like a charm. Wanted to go with sort of a real traditional Lady luck, with the 8 Ball Boobies, and all. But He wasn't feeling it quite as much as I. SO we made some changes. Took a little shy of 5 hours to complete the tattoo, and we both really dug the finished product.

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