Last post of 2011

Okee, Dokee. Here we are the Morning of New Years Eve, and I find myself sitting in My kitchen, drinking copious amounts of Coffee, and reflecting. What do I see? Not a god Damn thing worth putting down on the keys. Wanna Know what I think of 2011. Go back and read my previous posts. I don't find it worth my while to try and create some kind of deep, reflective thoughts on how 2011 was so tough, and how IM gonna try and make 2012 a year to remember. IM just taking it, one day at a time. And to Hell with what year it is. So on to the show. I will tell you what my last 2 tattoo of the year were however. The first was an appointment for a Day of the Dead gal, "Capo Gal style". I only drew one sketch up for him, as I was digging the way this one turned out. It was kind of a strange placement. Sitting on the front of his bicep. And bruised something awful in the pit, and ditch of the arm. But all in all a fun piece. The very last piece however was a walk in. I was asked last minute to do this TCB logo on a feller. Now I must admit that I was torn. I've only done like 2 in my career, and we all now how much I dig Elves. But I was also getting ready to lay out a new painting right than, Literally. But the tattooer in me won out, and here ya go. My last painting of 2011 (told ya it was gonna be a long post), was another piece for my upcoming show at Strange Factory, in March. I've been doing a bit more work on wood, and liking the challenges. Again its a smaller piece (12x6), as IM trying to cover a bunch of bases when it comes to pricing my art for the opening. IM calling her "Swath", Another of my Vampire Brides. And heres my Big ass Thumb signature. Well, I got nothing else. Bring on the evenings festivities, and the new year to boot. Because tomorrows still just another Sunday. And I've got a ton on painting to do!

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