Its not Art, but its Art...

I must say that i've been pretty poor at keeping up to date with my blog in the past. And now here I am, with several updates in just a couple of days, and now, here in just a couple of hours. But with my trip to London coming to an end, I feel that this is a blog that I must drop.

I've been here since the 17th, and having a wonderful time. I've done some fun tattoo's, on some great folks. And spent time with some fantastic people.
Normally when I go away IM all about checking out the local cuisine. This trip started out like most, wanting to get out and about, and try different stuff. But hanging with Lal, is always a tripp. And like all the other times this visit was much like the past. What IM getting at, Lal's favorite restraunt is a little place called Da Franco's. A little Italian joint up the road from his home in Muswell Hill, in the north of London. And he enjoys eating there.
Well being a creature of habit, Lal has taken me to Da Franco's, not once, not twice, But 5 time (including 1 evening, when he claimed to want to cook at home. And ran up the road to grab take out from there). But I must say, I've not been even a little disappointed with one evenings meal. The folks at Da Franco's have yet to disappoint me. The owner/operator Danny D'landro, & his Staff has truly treated us like one of the Family. From his wife/cook Marta, to his head waiter Lester, to the wine stewart Pepe. I really have felt like IM at home, visiting family.
Its a fantastic restaurant, with a great staff, phenomenal food, great, and colorful patrons, and a place i'd highly recommend if your in the area.
Da Franco, Italian Ristorante
30 Queens Parade
Friern Barnet rd.
London N11 3DA

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