I got Nothin'

 Well I so know its been awhile, and what do I come to ya with? Nothin', Thats right folks, zip, zilch, nadda! So sorry, just been about as hectic a few weeks as I can remember. 

 We started with Hell city a couple of weeks ago, and that was fantastic. Had a great time hanging with friends, and did some fun tattoo's. 
 Than last week there was the fangoria convention in NYC. This,,,Not so fun. Matter of fact the show itself kinda sucked, and as any weekend in NY will go, it cost an ass load of money. So we'll not be attending any more Fango shows, sorry. On the bright side of this, we did meet a couple of cool folks, and Julio and I did have 1 or 2 fans in attendance, so it wasn't a complete wash, I guess. 
 I will admit that the highlight of the weekend was our dinner at Ninja NY. If you've not been than go, lots of fun, and fantastic food, and service to match. 
  The last few days have been extremely difficult for yours turly. A quick sum up goes like this. Lost Molly for like 4 hours, Alethea, and I nearly had a heart attack. The same day, we get a shit ton of rain, and whamo, our basement starts acting like the Titanic, and taking on water like she's going to the bottom. Were still dealing with this crap 3 days later, and the future looks like it's gonna be sweet dealing with it as well, Joy...
  Than today, I nearly impale my Nuts on a fence, get a flat tire, hit with more bills, and still can't make up my mind what lights, and fans I wanna put up in the new "Hope Gallery". 
 Which brings me to the brighter side of today, enjoy...

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