Finished Vamp Gal.

 Ok so Today was an OK day. Got canceled on this morning so no tattooin for yours truly, but Did have a meeting with the new perspective land lord for Hope (more on that in another post). 

    So where was I... Yes Go to work, take care of some bills, and what not. Than rush home to finish up my painting. Here's where it gets a bit "Not Joe" like. 
   So I get home, and get right to painting. IM painting for an hour of so, really into it. Now remember IM supposed to meet the land lord at 4:30. Well IM painting happy as a clam, and before ya know it, IM thinking wow, wouldn't it be funny if I was late for this meeting. Nah, thats not like me at all. And Whammo, I look up at the clock, and low and behold, its 4:31. Crap gotta run. Good thing this new building is only a mile up the road. Make it to the meet, and greet, seems to go well, and I head home to finish my work on the art. Only had like 45 minutes worth of work left on her, and here she is.
   Hope you enjoy.  
p.s. this is one of the images documented for my Hell City Airbrush Demo. 


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