Couple a thangs

Well, IM trying ta get my ass in gear hear, now that IM back home. That being said, how do I spend my first 2 solid days off? Doing next ta nothing! Yup thats right, Nothing. I'll admit to not being proud of this fact, but other things seemed to have taken precedent over being creative. Worst is I know that there's no excuse for being lazy, and trust me I so wanna get back to my easel, but IM having nothing but problems getting my big ass in the creative, motivated mode. Any ideas, or suggestions would be welcome.
But I did a little sketch for a feller. He's still not seen it, and IM hoping he'll dig her, Time will tell.

IM also posting up a couple of older sketches that I just posted up on my website Bunch more on there, and the last of the 11x14 sketch book sketches. Enjoy, and wish me luck in the "not being lazy, trying to be creative, and motivated realm". In the meantime, shop chores, and errands ta run, and a full days worth of tattooing to do...

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