Brazilian Art for upcoming show

Well its here, and here is the first official Blog, on the new and improved Very excited bout this. Well lets start with my latest painting done for a Brazilian tattoo convention, in March. They were looking for one of my Gals, and being how the city is primarily known for being sort of a "country city", they recommended a Cow Girl. Turns out I had a sketch done a few years ago, that I'd been looking to paint forever. Just never seemed to find the time, or reason. so,,, I started with a lightly Gessoed water color paper. Roughly 15x20". Blocking in my colors with a brush, and than going at it with the airbrush. I tried to go a little bit more funky on the hair, as that has become a bit of a signature with my gals. And I still wanted to keep a bit of attitude on her, but a bunch of cuteness as well. I fought with the idea of a thong, on the ass less chaps, but just seemed a bit too racy for a show poster. Now being as how the image is for a tattoo convention. The gal needed some tattoos. But I really wasn't feeling like painting them in, as it limits the use of the illustration for later on. So with the Help of Carlos East, he took some of my sketches, and photo shopped the tattoos on her. The sleeve, along with the Electric Ink logo on the butt cheek, and I think she makes a pretty sweet Brazilian, country Tattoo gal mascot.

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