Well Here I sit in my hotel room getting ready to start my last day at the Styrian tattoo, hot rod convention, here in Austria. What can I say the show has been fantastic, with a great line up of artist, Phenominal promoters, and an incredible crew. If you can believe it, when arriving at the show, and registering. There are show crew members, waiting there to carry all of your gear to your both. No shit, someone literally carried my luggage to my booth. Hell IM not completely lazy, and IM used to hauling my own shit. But I'll be honest, a man could get used to this.

Thursday evening before the show, the promoters Andy, & Yevon (probably spelt wrong, sorry), hosted a kick ass gala. Complete with all the trimming. Food, dancers, and gun toting thugs. No we weren't rolled for our cash, but the party had a Sin City (the Movie), theme to it. And I must admit, probably one of the best party's I've attended. Everyone was dressed to the 9's, and Like I said dancing stripper Nun's, and cars rolling in to the hall. Wow, very cool experience. Not to mention the food. This was like a "ginny" wedding from LI. No expense was spared.
As I said the convention itself has been great, staying super busy, and really enjoying the other artists company. Almost sad IM leaving for Germany Monday morning. But alas all good things...

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