And IM back

 OK I'll admit it, I've been less than productive when it comes to the painting, and stuff. But I'd like ta think I've had some what of an excuse. 

  Julio, and I headed down to Charolette NC to visit our friends Rodney Raines, and his Gal Lise, Barnett. We had a blast, plenty of wine good food, and friends. Not to mention I got my arm finished by Rodney. Very happy here. 
  I did manage to do a bit of work on the Medusa I thought I'd finished last week. I added some scale work to give it a bit more texture. Subtle, but effective. I will admit that the picts are for from perfect, but you get the picture. 
  SO I have started 1 of the Bunny gals, did a bit of work on her this eve

ning, but didn't really have time to break out the airbrush on it just yet. Definitely tomorrow after work. So stay tuned. Now IM gonna chill with my little dog. Missed her the last few days while I was in NC, and wanna make up for lost time there. 
 * tattoo by Rodney Raines on your truly. 

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