Knock yerself' the F%#K out!!!

OK, well I can't say I've been busy, busy, busy... But, I've been freakin' busy.
Today I took a ride down to Pulse, and checked out my newest book, All 8,000 of em! Yup this 122 page piece of wonderful coolness is mine, and Brett Bryan's (of Pulse, and Presto Fame) Newest Book Project. Featuring work from several of my sketch books. And lovingly put together for your viewing pleasure.
She'll not be ready to ship till early next week (mores the Pity). But were working on a bit of a plan to make your wait worth it.
what Brett, Jessica (of Presto), and I have decide to do is this. If you order the book on my site between 10/13-10/18 You'll get a personalized, signed copy of the book. As well as be entered into a drawing where we'll be giving away a signed set of What's not ta like (1st edition), and 1st edition hard cover copy of my first sketch book. Enjoy

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