With so much happening around myself, and Hope gallery. New projects, Gallery shows, the TV show, and what have you. IM taking a moment to re post a letter from one Miki Vialetto. A man who's had a tremendous impact on the tattoo industry. But I'll let the letter speak for itself. 

Well, its finally been released and I can talk a bit more freely about it. Back in August and September I went out to Hollywood CA to film a TV show for 6 weeks. The show is titled "Best INK" And will Debut on the Oxygen Network, Monday January 30th. 


Joe Capobianco is a accomplished Tattooer, and Fine Artist. For the past 24 years Joe has utilized various techniques and mediums in order to create some of the most fascinating pinup style pieces, resembling those of the late 1950s with an added modern flair. Known as the "Capo Gal", His use of color, and over all drawing style has created a style that both stands out, and is nearly immediately recognizable as all his own. 

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