Hush, Big boys don't cry. Unless, they've just had there heart ripped out by this lovely lil vixen! Well, I've finished another small piece for a show down at Rodney Raines Gallery Twenty Two, Charlotte NC.

Well, the last few days has been quite kooky. Very busy with work, and tattooing my ass off. Which is always a good thing. But were really coming down to the wire on the secret project of mine.

Well, It seems that i've had some time alone, since my wife flew out to OR. To get tattooed by mister Jeff Gogue. And I've determined to try and make the best of it all.

OK, so, Thats right. A whole lotto waiting is going on out here in the North East, while yours truly sits Not so patiently. As some may know, I've several projects on the burners, and just about everything is out, and in one stage of completion, or other.

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