Artist Joe Capobianco will be releasing his 4th full color publication entitled "Blood Puddin" on Friday, March 2nd.

Well, IM back from my Trip to Rodney Raines, Ace Tattoo, in Charlotte NC. I had a fantastic time, doin' a little Tattooing, Perusing some great artwork, (at his and a few other galleries), and lets not forget all the fine shit talking that went on. All in all a great weekend.

Well IM down in NC, visiting Rodney Raines. And I must say its been fun.

When it comes to tattooing, I used to be dead set when it came to experimenting. I was always of the opinion, "If it aint broke, Why fix it". But over the last several years, I've been all about experimenting, and trying new stuff. I mean Hell, up until a few years ago, I'd never have seen myself using anything but a coil machine. But now,  its been over 2 years, and IM still rocking the rotary things, and loving them.   

"Playing Devils Advocate, some critics may say that Flash should be discouraged to avoid multiple people having the same tattoo. What would be your response?" 

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