Hofbrau Gal

Well my first full day back at Hope, after my trip to Germany. And my very first full one shot tattoo is a Hofbrau Capo Gal. Go figure. The idea was from this feller Dave who made the trek from Washington DC. He's an ex military guy, who's also a translator. Super nice feller, with some fun ideas. I started with a sketch (also the first drawing done when I returned home), based on ideas, and images sent from my client. While I was in Germany, and did get to sample many fine German brews. Unfortunately I never made it to Munich. Which is where the inspiration came for this idea. There wasn't a whole lotta restrictions place on me. Other than he wanted ,ore of a cuter looking Capo Gal, vs one of my darker Blood Puddin Gals. As usual, I used all Easy Glow Pigments, and my "Betty" Rotaries, built by Bishop. Any questions or inquiries bout this tattoo, or anything else. Please feel free to drop a line.

*Check out Dave's full story on his tattoo at Needles And Sins

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