Little, Big Daddy Roth Action.

So I suppose now that the holidays are officially over, I can show off shots of this latest painting done for a friend of mine for Xmas. My wife and I went to Germany for the holidays, and I was racking my brain with what to get for my friend Andy, of Germany's Andys Body Electric. Unable to think of something to buy, I opted for a hand made painting. Problem being I was in LA at the time, filming the Second season of Best Ink. But after doing the piece for Franco Vescovi's Vatican grand opening show, out of my hotel room (See earlier blog post). I thought "Hey, no sweat". But unfortunately, filming went into overdrive. So there was little personal time left, and I only got as far as a sketch. Regardless, I needed an idea. Andy's a pretty big hot rodder. Owning several classic cars, and bikes. One pretty sweet hot rod as well. He also happens to be a pretty big Rat Fink fan. So I figured, easy out. But again, limited time to do the piece. I was home for 5 days before we left for Germany. So as soon as I got home. I was off to my studio at Hope. What follows is my version of a Big Daddy Roth, Rat Fink. I took some liberties making it a bit more "Capo" inspired. Namely having him riding a "Capo Gal" Head. But I'd like to think that the Rat Fink is kinda all Big Daddy. There's also a candy clear over the whole piece (making reproduction of the painting pretty difficult). But all in all I was pretty jazzed by the finished product. And Im happy to say Andy was pretty syked himself. Its titled, "Hot Rod Head" Hope ya Dig er.

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