Its Official! New Book!


 Ok All, well Here it is. The Big News. As some may know I've been wanting to produce an Art, Cook Book. Unfortunately that has been pushed back, mainly because of the difficulty of trying to Get time with my chef (Dave Foster), who's cooking I find second to none. Therefore, no one else will help me with this book. But Have no fear, we are talking, and he's cooking. So all good things in time...
 But now on to the current news. The "Blood Pudding" Art/sketch book is on its way. We've officially been informed by the printer that the book will be in our greedy mitts by the beginging of March! Therefore it will be available for the opening of my Blood Pudding art show in NM's Strange Factory. As well as a host of other events. Heres how its gonna go down.
Artist Joe Capobianco will be releasing his 4th full color publication entitled "Blood Puddin" on Friday, March 2nd. Following the release will also be a five-city book signing tour spanning all the way from Albuquerque, Columbus, and New Haven to Sao Paulo, Brazil and Portsmouth, UK. "Like the first three, this publication also a collection of my art, tattoos, and sketches. But with this book I'm hoping to really define my style with the "Capo Gal" and also define my thoughts on what I've come to call a “Blood Puddin’ Pin-up”, Joe says, "I've personally always had a love for classic Pin-ups, or “Cheesecake”. But as the years passed, my gals slowly became a bit more my style, and a little darker. The subject matter went from being very classic, to more modern, and sometimes even creepy. This book is filled with those gory gals and dark dames." BOOK RELEASE AND SIGNING TOUR DATESMarch 2 - “Blood Puddin” Solo Art Show at Stranger Factory - Albuquerque, NMMarch 24-25 - Sao Paulo Tattoo Convention - BrazilApril 14-15 - Portsmouth Tattoo Convention - UKMay 4-6 - Hell City Tattoo Convention - Columbus, OHMay 12 - “The Art of Blood Puddin” Group Art Show at Hope Gallery - New Haven, CT Limited amount of copies will be available at each location, "Blood Puddin'" will go onsale in The Hope Shop on Friday, March 2nd.

So a ton going on in the coming months. Im very excited bout all of this. I wanna add a special thanks to Carlos, and Ernesto East The aptly named Beast Brothers. For all of there hard work on bringing this project together on such a tight schedule. And I also wanna give an early thanks to Nichole "Baroness" East. IM gonna make the next few months suck for you. Just a heads up.

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