It has been Ooooh Sooo Long!

  OK, So, i've been away, a rather inordinate amount of time. And for that I do Apoligize. 

  So here we have it .IM posting a piece done for a friend birthday. I'd done it a few weeks ago, the night before I'd left to met my lovely wife in Las Vegas. And as an excuse to fill some room here on the blog, IM including her here. She's titled "One Horny Gal" 
  The second is a really poor photograph of the latest piece done as a commission for a friend in Vegas. She's entitled sprinkles, due to the obvious cheesy Airbrush background. 
  A lot happening here in CT land. IM hoping to see a light at the end of the tunnel sooner than later. But we all know how that usually turns out. So till next Time. 

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