yup IM in Germany, and having a great time. I feel like IM slowly destroying my back with all the tattooing, but its been fun doing it. Gotta load of new tattoos posted on my website So needless to say, its been a great trip tattoo wise so far.

I was told before leaving the UK, not to expect much in the way of fine cuisine, and I must say that really couldn't be further from the truth. I've been doing my best to eat all the local favorites, and IM proud ta say, IM right on track. Last evening I enjoyed a Hell of a meal at a little place called Fuchscen Alt. Little fox, If I remember correctly (Pardon my German if I got that wrong, there was an awful lotta beer with the meal). We all ordered Pork Knuckle. Which is basically the lower leg of the Pig, and it was fantastic.
I was also lucky enough to meet a fantastic artist from Austria (living in germany at the moment). Tommy Lee, and his lovely wife Nancy, saw fit to grace us with there presence. We really hit it off, and all had a blast.
IM skipping a ton of stuff cause there really is just so much. IM really thankful to Andy, and his fantastic Gal, Nichole (hope I spelt that right), for the invite, and the incredible hospitality.
Now time to hit the Hay. Tomorrow is an early drive to Luxenburgh, and another convention, and seminar to hold. Wish me luck.

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