Finally, some art!

Wow, been awhile since this Blog has been used for art huh. Well getting back to why I started this blog.

Here IM posting my piece for the upcoming Hope Gallery Show (Friday December 4th), "Fear of the Dark". Its entitled "Morning After". No real personal story behind this piece, no deep meaning, or what have you. Just a little creepy piece of art, for creepy arts sake.
I will share a little something with you all here. The Idea for the Fear of the Dark show was Mine, and Eric's, and like most things that I dream up, I fell short. I mean short on time, ideas, creativity, you name it. So what do I do. I went to my trusty sketch book and pulled one of the many, many seconds (multiple sketches done for clients tattoos), done for a fellers (you guessed it) Hand tattoos.
So hear ya have her. Its roughly 8"x10", and she's painted with acrylics (airbrushed, & paintbrush) on gessoed illustration board. I've a niffty little frame to place her in, and yes she is for sale. Just gotta make yer way to the "Fear of the Dark" art show.
I am hoping to try and paint another piece for the show.
Stay tuned, & see if our hero comes thru why don't cha!

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