Glamazons, vs the Curse of the Chainmail Bikini!

Hey all, I wanna announce a project that IM creating the art for that I think some of you out there will get a kick outta. While I was more of a D&D fanatic growing up, and never really got into the card game thing much. This is a card game style play. A friend and good client of mine is the creator, and has enlisted my talents to create the look, and feel of the gals & monsters being used durning game play. I don't wanna waste your time with idle chatter here, when you can head over to check out the kick starter for the project. As without your help, IM afraid that these lil ladies will never get to see the light of day. So check out "Glamazons, VS the Curse of the Chainmail Bikin" In the mean time heres a bit of preliminary sketches for a bit of an idea of what we got cooking. Thanks for your time, and support.

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