Aaaarrrggghhh. Me Harty's!!!

So, its been a while since my last post. Not a whole lot to say, as I've been quite busy with tattooing. With little time for all else. But I did manage to snap a quick picture of this sketch for my clients tattoo that I just finished. Its a rendition of his wife as a Pirate lass. Normally I make it pretty clear that IM not too into the whole costume portrait thing. As IM usually concentrating on the pin up aspect, not the likeness. But this piece was both fun, and pretty close to the portrait. really helped that I had a pretty clear snap shot of the gal, in a similar position to what I could work with. Adding a hand, and a bit of colorful background was pretty easy. This was done in two session, the second being a pretty short 2 hour one. As usual, all Easy Glow Pigments, and Betty rotaries by Bishop. Thanks for looking.

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