OZ, California, TV land...

Hey all, Well IM back from Australia, and now Find myself in CA. Hollywood to be exact. In case you didn't know. Best Ink, Oxygen's Tattoo, Reality, Competition show has been signed for a second season. And yours truly is back as head judge. 

So for all my loyal, and totally understanding clients. I want to thank you for just that. And for all of my newer clients, and clients in waiting. I apologize. I do realize that my lot in life is of that as a Tattooist. But sometimes one must do what he thinks is right. IM hoping that taking on the second season is the right thing. So far its been fun, and promising. 

 So to all of you who know me, cheers, and see ya in the new year. 

Please contact Nichole at baroness@hopegallerytattoo.com for all scheduling info please. 

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