Hollywood, holidays, & friends

Hey folk. Well looks like i've not had a proper update in quite some time. So here ya go. As many may know, IM out here in Hollywood, filming season two of Best Ink. I know many of you are probably hating on me for signing up for season. two. Hell some of ya probably still hate on me for season one. Guess what. I don't really give a shit. I'm doin it, its happening, and thats that. On that note. I will say that I'm feeling especially comfortable with the way production is going this time around. That having been said, its only been 2 weeks, and anything can happen in the 3 remaining weeks. So i aint holding my breath. I have gotten the opportunity to visit some good friends in what little down time I've had. Starting with seeing Obie Hughes, and the fellers from RumbleKing Play out down in Long Beach. This was topped off by Mr. Donnie Hawleywood showing up as well. Been a while since i'd last seen Donnie. Looking forward to paying his Barber shop a visit, and getting a shave, and cut real soon. This was followed by a vistit to Franco Vescovi's Vatican Tattoo. The owner operator, and creator of Bishop Rotary. Also got to see friend London (winner of last seasons Best Ink). Now drop a holiday in there. Say,,, Thanks Giving. Thanks to good friends, I didn't find myself out in the cold. Although I did find myself staring off at some different scenery for a change. Much different than say cold CT But back to the show (Hell, thats why IM out here in the first place). Like I said, felling a bit more confident bout production this year. And IM proud of the tattooers that have come out. theres some real talent, and good folks. Looking forward to seeing how this ones gonna end up. IM also proud to be sitting along side this seasons 3rd permanent judge. Miss Hannah Aitchison. Always been a huge admirer of Hannah, and have nothing but respect for this gal. Excited to be sitting along side her, & Sabina Kelley. And lets not forget this season new Host. Mr. Pete Wentz. Should make for an interesting show. Now along with all this Hullabaloo, I find myself with very little time to do what I do. And thats tattoo. But yesterday I finally found the time to hook up with a great old client and tattoo this lil ditty on her. Today I find myself with a late call time for shooting/judging, and IM off to find an art supply store. IM in the market for some colored pencils, and maybe a bit of paint. Have a small project to try to do for Franco, and Vatican's re-opening party/show in January. Plus need to do something to fight off the boredom of sitting round sunny California. See ya when I see's ya.

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