New Painting!

So I finally got around to working on a new painting. As it turns out this one will be for the Beast Brothers Lucha Libre show. Opening Friday October 5th 2012. At RotoFugi Gallery in Chicago IL. Theres a ton of really talented artists involved, as well as some killer customs by these guest curators BeatsBrothers. Well, Heres the piece. IM calling her "La Rompe Guevos", Which translates to Ball Buster. No I speak no other languages, and I have Carlos East to thank for the title on this one. She's Acrylic on Gesso board/Masonite. Did a bit more paint brush than normal. Really trying to pull away from the Airbrush, and create sort of a new thing for myself. But crap, its difficult. I really hope it aint true what they say bout Old dogs, and new tricks. Well if you Live in Chicago, or are able ta swing on by. Check out RotoFugi. Its a great custom toy store, and a Hell of a gallery.

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