Travis Franklin Solo Art show

Im Happy, & proud to announce that, Hope Gallery will be hosting Travis Franklin's Solo art show this Saturday August 11th. 7-11 pm. 


About the Show: "These pieces are dedicated to life's Clarity or lack of. I think beyond our desires to reach for something life is overwhelmingly unpredictable.
We create all sorts of formulas to live by to simulate what all of us consider to be a normal life, so we can reap the rewards in the end.  All the while we know that at any second life could end… or worse you could lose the person you love the most. Life is beautiful and crushing all in the same glance.
 I think I realized at a young age that I couldn’t understand everything, nor could anyone driving the world we live in. I had some traumas as a child that changed me from playing in the woods all day alone to riding my bike in a 20 ft circle day and night in front of my house.  In that time I also began creating art and trying to assume how it was done…… It took less than the first decade of my existence to shape my future. Control is a ruse.
This body of work will convey the blasphemy of life and its bliss using the female form and other weird stuff.
 I suppose I put this theology into my painting inherently.  I want to pass my message into my work and not be a slave to it. What I mean by this is, these works are not cultured for success although I expect it of myself in them."

About the Artist: Travis Franklin was born and raised in Louisville, KY.  He is sincerely self-taught in painting and other mediums.  Coming from a turbulent childhood, Travis found an outlet in art.  He started drawing like most kids, but it wasn’t just drawing.  He would tool around in his dads garage and the yard making cars, planes, robots and other things out of pipe fittings, wood and bolts.  His first painting was at 14.  It was a snow scene inspired by Bob Ross’s work. Tattooing, he credits Tattoo Charlie, for letting him in the industry at 17 and Keith Miller for showing him how to tattoo. 
He tributes art for everything he’s accomplished in his life.  He feels it refines his otherwise negative energy into something positive and tangible.
Travis met his wife, Melanie, in 1997 and has since opened Oddity Tattoo Studio and Gallery in Sarasota, FL.



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