The Betty

As many of you may already know, I made the switch from Coil machines, to Rotaries about 2 1/2 years ago now. And I must admit, I have not regretted it a day. Over this time i've tried many, many machines. I've purchased probably over a dozen different manufactures products. And liked many, while hating several. I learned of The Bishop rotary about a year and a half ago, and kinda really dug them. After getting to know Franco Vescovi (Bishops founder) a bit more, I really took a liking to this company, and his ideals. "Tattoo Gear by tattooists, for tattooists". After nearly a year of using the Bishop I approached Franco with the idea of a custom frame for me. IM happy to say that about 9 months later Franco has come thru with the "Betty". Styled off of the idea of my coil machine the "BRICKHOUSE". The Betty has a unique frame style, and Keen, smooth workings of the Bishop Rotaries. Touting a 3.5 Stroke length, and a Swiss made Maxon Motor. This is one of the finest, classiest machine I've had the pleasure of using. Available in Glossy Black, or Red. And a limited first run of Flat Black, or Red. Please contact me for with any questions. Machines are available on my web store

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