Shark Attack!?!?!

A few months ago I was asked to come up with a show poster idea for friend Jason Stewart out in Australia for a convention that he'll be hosting in November of this year. Now, I thought Australia, gotta have a great white, right? But Hell, I do Pinups. Whats an artist to do. Actually, it wasn't that hard. I dig sharks. I mean, they scare the crap outta me. But ever since I saw Jaws in the theaters with my family way back when. I was hooked. So the idea of a sort of mermaid hybrid pinup, Posing on a shark = Fun. I will admit that the original idea had a bit more of blood and guts, but I chose to go the more classic route. She's about 21x21 acrylic, on gessoed illustration board. I will admit that I was a bit concerned with the lack of true, clean details. I went a bit more painterly on this one. Choosing to do most of my foundation work with my airbrush, and than working out my details, and highlights with a traditional paintbrush. My tattooed pinups usually lack "Tattoos". so on this one I chose to go with some sort of tribal tattoos. There far from traditional. Purely for looks. Man, hope they can use her.

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