London, now home

Well, IM happy to announce that my trip over to the UK was a smashing success, and yes. I am home now! Like all of my trips over to the UK, this one was not much different. Lots of tattooing, sleepless night, too much fine food, and drink, and of course good freakin friends! What better way to start my trip, than with a fantastic dinner at what is probably one of my favorite restaurants in London, DaFraco's. And what better way to spend said meal than with two great People. Lal Hardy, and Miss Hannah Aitchison. The next several days however are a bit of a blur, of Driving, Tattooing, Shit Talkin, Plenty of Laughs, Too much Food, and Wine. Yes, Lots, and Lots of Wine. Lord, I do love Wine...

I am happy to announce that the Portsmouth Tattoo Extravaganza was a great success. and I wanna thank all of the folks who came out to say hello, and get tattooed. Really enjoyed myself at this show. Thanks again to Reno, and his Family, for the invite, and hospitality. A day after the show, Lal, Hannah, and I drove back to London, for yes. More tattoos, Shit talking, and yes, Wine, of course. We attended the opening of a Sailor Jerry Pop Up Bar/Flash exhibit. Got to check out some cool originals of SJ, along with Tracings, Rubbing, and Acetate Stencils. I also got to meet Denis Cockell, and Mr. Hanky Panky. The difference with this evenings festivities was that it was my last evening, and the drink of choice was my second favorite spirit. Rum, and lots of it. All in all, this was one of my favorite trips to the UK. Lal was the perfect host. Driving Hannah and I all around, showing us the sights, and oh yeah nearly forgot. Got to enjoy my first Cream Tea. Basically Tea and milk, along with Scones, Cream, and some damn fine, tasty Jelly... Again thank you everyone who made this trip such a great time. See ya in September.

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