Best Ink, Live chat

OK as many of you may know, Oxygen Premiered its new Reality based Tattoo competition show Best Ink Last week. Well, This week Oxygen has asked me to do a live online chat with the viewers during the second episode. First time for me, and it should be a blast. As you know the Deliberations can be both insightful, and down right brutal. Contrary to popular belief, what your seeing on the episode, is far from all that was filmed during the hours of taping that went on during the making of Best Ink. IM hoping that people will actually get a little something out of what we the judges have to say about the tattoos up on stage. Hell, that was the main reason I agreed to be a judge. Unfortunately, due to time restraints, and editing, you the viewer only get to see what the editing department has time to use. Trust me, theirs a lot more being said, much of it helpful to both client/skin, and the artist. My intention is never to hurt, or insult the artists. But Hell if your gonna stand on the stage, better get a thicker skin. 

Regardless, this Tuesday April 3rd at 10pm, i'll be online answering questions, and hopefully adding a little insight as to what went on during the filming of this episode. Hope ta hear from ya's than. check out Best Inks website for more info for the online chat this Tuesday at 10.

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