LA, to Las Vegas, and back again.

Well, IM back from LA, and the whole first hit with press, for the show Best Ink. This was partly an NBC event, red carpet, and all. Very awkward for yours truly. The following day, after the party. Sabina, Kimberly, and I were ushered around the hotel doing interviews with about 8 different news, and entertainment networks. Again, a bit stressful, and awkward. But over all, not bad. We all had a pretty good time, discussing the show, and letting the reporters know what they should expect from it. When, and if any of this aires, still remains to be seen. But the last day at the hotel started my R&R which included hanging at Disney, With Sabina, and Red Dodge. Interviewing my friend Obie Hughes, and the band Rumble King. And a trip to Vegas, to visit Jime Litwalk, and his family. All in all a ton of fun. Still only know the show is slated to be released in the spring. More on this as I find out.

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