Wow, who knew?

  Well I finally had a couple of hours to work on this lil' Lady last evening. And being as how my first appointment isn't till 3pm this afternoon. IM planning on staying in a bit to finish her up. So another post, with the finished piece is imminent, so keep an eye peeled.

  But what I really wanna get into is this new airbrush I just got my hands on. Its a Badger "Sotar 20/20". and it is sweet. IM not gonna say its perfect, like other tools in life, and experience. There are little issues I've got with it. 
 For doing all the little details this bad boy really excels. Fantastic action, great control, and sprains paint with great easy, while maintaing control in the tightest of areas. But (and you know there was gonna be a "but"), When I pull back to spray a slightly larger area, well the control is lost a bit. Spraying becomes a bit wonky, and stuttery (my words by the way). Upon closer inspection of the brush, it seems that the needle gets a bit bouncy, and doesn't properly hold its line when moving back forward, causing a lack of control with the paint flow. IM going to try to remedy this little default my own way. I'll post if it works.
 But as far as the little detailing I loved it. A lot of the tight bits done in the face hand, and shirt of the "Howler" (pictured unfinished here), were done with it. Everything else was done with my Badger "Velocity".
 Also on another note, with my new Badger. I received a a bunch of Badger air opaque paints. And I must say, Damn they are nice. Great coverability, and fantastic flow. The only difference between these, and my Holbien, and Goldens, is simply the palette. Both have a handful more in the way of colors, and frankly, I've grown accustomed to using them. But I think that I'll have little problem switching over, and incorporating them into my process. And at the moment they look to be mixing well (based on where IM at so far on this piece).
 Well IM off to enjoy my morning cup of Joe, and hit the showers, and than the easle. Hope this don't take too long, I'd hate to be late for my client at the tattoo shop. 

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