Well not totally. IM not really a "Viva", kinda guy. But IM a pretty big Dean Martin fan, and my lovely wife, and I were married there last year, and it being our anniversary and all....

  But I digress. My trip started in Vegas, and was quickly followed by a trip to LA, Hollywood to be exact. Where I did a video shoot for there Tattoo education series. The shoot did not go all that well. Had a bit in the way of problems, in a couple of ways. Not something IM willing to get into  here. You'll just have ta wait for the release. 
  After hangin with some friends in CA, I was back off ta Las Vegas, ta see my special Lady. All in all, a great time ensued. Topped off with a fantastic show. Yup, finally got ta see Penn, & Teller. Lotta fun, there.
  After a couple of more days in the City of Sin (sorta wasted on me ), and some more fun with friends, my lady and I returned from our trip out west. 
  Now IM back, and roaring to get ta doing some painting. I stopped by Hope this afternoon, and was thrilled to find that my Badger airbrush order came in (thanks Ken). Paints along with a Badger Sotor 20/20. Cannot wait to try this one. The results will follow on here, within days, so keep an eye peeled.  

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