Vamp, Bride

Wow, I'd like to say that IM on a roll, but I don't really wanna jinx myself. Needless to say, IM trying to paint as much as I can, in preparation to this show in March at "Strange Factory". IM calling it "Blood Puddn", A show of Dark Dames, and Gruesome Gals

This Latest Piece "Vamp, Bride" Is a combination of A Vampire Babe, and Bride. Taking 2 Classic creatures, and morning em in to one. So be repaired to see more of this gal in the coming months. Like the other works, this gal is acrylics on 20"x30" gessoed watercolor paper. Today IM hoping to start a few more pieces on wood. Fingers crossed. Also finally decided to try and bring a new project to life over this holiday weekend. I'll not make the official announcement just yet, as it'll come down to money, time, and a Hell of a lot of luck. But IM hoping that this will be a keen addition to the show in March.

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