Still here

 Well folks, as you may have noticed I've been a bit absent from this here blog the past week or so. Trust me I've got a pretty good excuse. 

  Firstly, I wasn't home. I headed out west ta attend the west coast opening of my Fist Full of Metal. If your unfamiliar with what that is, well, tough. I really don't feel like getting in to it. 
  Secondly, It's been busy at the shop, and most of my time has been spent there. But just to show you its not all fun and games in the Capobianco home, here ya go. 
 Its the Latest of my Bunny Paintings. Here IM showing you my attempt at a color study, and the start of the piece. Unfortunately I've only got one afternoon in, so updates will be forthcoming. 
 On a tech note, The piece is started with Prisma color Very thin pencils (they are light fast, unlike there colorerase cousins), and blocked in with Alchol Markers, and painted over with both Golden, and Holbien Acrylics. 
  More to Come....  

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