Off to a rocky start

  OK, today was a rough one. We got hammered with like a foot of snow, and of course I need to shovel the crap before heading to work. That having been said, I show up to work a bit late. No sweat my clients have a 2 hour drive on a good day, so today... I get to the shop, and our heat in the building is still out. So I call our management company to complain. Than theres bills that need to be squared up (Man I hate that), and of course thats when my clients show up. 

 Today was just one of those days that I couldn't quite get on track. Besides tattooing in freezing tempetures aint all that easy. But my tattoo turned out nice, and I was off. 
  First I tried to hit the cobbler. I'd dropped off a pair of shoes to be re-soled, and of course (due to the weather), he's closed for the day. 

  So I run home, its still early, and I wanna try and get to some painting. Now I think I need to explain my self a bit. I started this piece after work Sunday, and after a couple of hours of work, I was absolutely hating her. I was seriously thinking bout scraping her, and starti
ng over, or moving on to another idea. 
 But fortunately I've just gotten back from visiting Rodney Raines in NC, and I've seen this feller pull plenty of pieces outta the Fire (all good), so I feel I gotta make the attempt. Sp this evening I give it my best. IM thinking as of right now, I can pull her off. But tomorrow morning, and evening will be the tell. So stay tuned. 
 Now IM off to my din din, and a bit of homemade wine (thanks Jo Jo).

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