Painting Workshop at Hope

Our New Year over at Hope started off with a Real bang. We were very fortunate to host Daniel Santos's 2 Day work shop. As a matter of fact this is just the first of what IM assuming will be two or three blogs on this. As its a 2 day workshop, with the second day concluding this Sunday the 10th of January.
As some of ya may know I do not work in oils (at all), and this will be my first attempt. Unfortunately I've yet o actually put Brush to board, as the first day was mainly us watching, and listening. Including prepping our boards, drawing, and some model shots.

There were some great little nuggets of info on lay out (for the art), as well as some diddys when it came to shooting a figure. I personally dug these shots that Julio took part in. I think he's posing asa troll, or some other horror. He really fell into the part.
Than of course there was the actual painting. Due to the wether, and length of the earlier part of the workshop. We all Personally didn't get to do too much painting (none at all actually). But were did get to watch Daniel put his first layer down on this little lady. Thrown down real quick after we had some of our models shots developed.

I will admit that even after listening and watching Daniel work, I still find oils to be very intimidating, and am really not looking forward to working on my first painting. But IM hoping between what i've so far been exposed to, and what I've still got ahead of me next week I pull this off. Keep an eye peeled for more. Hopefully I'll be able to do a bit of painting in the days to come. I just gotta figure out a way to get outta working all day...

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