New Holiday Painting

This Holiday Season at Hope, it was decided that instead of doing a purchased Secret Santa gift for everyone. We would instead paint/create gifts for one another. 

Honestly I wasn't all together thrilled about this, as IM on a bit of a schedule for my Shared show at "Strange Factory" in New Mexico, this March. But X-Mass is X-Mass, and the guys at Hope are incredibly important to me, so. 

As it turns out I pulled Eric Merrill's name out of the Hat. Was a little stressed by this as literally not having any ideas jump out at me. But than there was a couple of images that were kinda popping up one evening. I ran into work super early one Sunday, and started drawing. By the end of the Day, "Vader, You Broke My Fucking Heart" Was born. I can honestly say the title struck more of a cord with me than he image. And I must admit to having Thoughts of Brian Viveros's work rattling around in my head when this image was conceived. But I plowed forward and here she is. 



  Because this was kind of a last minute conception, I was a little stumped on what I would work on. I knew I'd wanted to work tall, and thin, but hadn't prepared any boards. Luckily I had a spare piece of Balsa wood kicking around. Not super thick, but the proper dimensions to work for me. 

  So I  Sanded it, Used a quick shot of some spray on gesso (pretty neat stuff if I must say), and went at her. I got within an hour of finishing her that very first day. But as fat e would have it, I needed to head home, and the dinner table with my Gal. But the very next morning I was at the studio again. Early so as to avoid the others at Hope seeing her before she was completed. 

 She measures 6x12" and is acrylic on board. 

IM happy to say that our Secret Santa at Hope went off without a hitch. And everyone seemed to dig there gifts, very much. 


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